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   Dear Customers,

We are the first fully privately owned electric motors factory in Poland. During our 15 years of market presence we managed to build up a large portfolio of clients in Poland and abroad.

We specialise in single phase and 3-phase electric motors, which are used in wood machines, concrete-mixers, pumps, ventilators, lawn-mowers and other devices.
Apart from standard-versions we are ready to produce special motors in accordance with received drawings or other data. Our mission is our Clients’ satisfaction.

Our Company, throughout its existence, has always tried to meet market demand for motors within special constructional changes. These were products differing from the standard ones.
In most simple cases those differences related to an ending of the shaft or a color.  In other cases there were products with the optional extras in the form of the brake or the switch, while in most advanced solutions with special flanged disks, special performance characteristics such as higher ambient temperature, or the non-typical power supply.

The special motors’ market , is not only about single unit manufacturing, but also about large volumes and large series of production. In order to be able to provide customers with special products - from one to hundreds of thousands of pieces – we have developed new manufacturing facility of a total area of 4 000m2. Having done that we can further continue our strategy focusing on special products in large volumes production series.  Our goals are not only related to constantly increased volumes, but also related to introducing cost effective solutions, expanding our products’ portfolio and increasing functionality.

All our efforts aimed at development of new products will never bring desired effects if there is no possibility to verify the parameters describing the product. Today we have special tools to measure the length and the angle with the micrometer precision, a 3D measuring-machine and many other. We can measure almost all physical dimensions which are indispensable in the production process and during quality control.  100% of our products are subject to quality control.  Additionally we save all results for every electric motor produced.

In order to improve our clients’ satisfaction we have strengthened our Sales Team.  Contacting us became easier and feedback is given much faster.   We have just launched a totally new, more modern and complex website.  We have also added ‘Client Zone’ intended to simplify exchange of information between our Company and our existing clients.  After login each client can download all necessary technical data, documentation etc. We hope that this not only a time saving solution will be greatly appreciated by our Clients.  In the near future we will expand this section to the form of an internet shop , so that our customers are be able to check stock volume, to place an e-order, as well as track the order processing. 

We believe that our efforts aimed at the development of new products, focus on excellent products quality, combined with improved Customer Service, will strengthen the relationships with our current clients and will encourage others to start a fruitful cooperation with us. 

Dariusz Kuśmierczyk, the Owner